The Blue Meanie Mushroom: Cubensis vs Panaeolus Cyanescens

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Learn the difference in magic mushroom species here. At PNW Spore Co., we sell P. Cubensis var. Blue Meanies for microscopy purposes.

Blue Meanie mushrooms have been a hot topic of comparison and speculation in recent years. There has been confusion as to what’s what when acquiring Blue Meanie spores for microscopy and taxonomy research. 

Knowing what you are actually researching – and the differences between the two – is important to us here at PNW Spore, and we will address Psilocybe Cubensis vs. Panaeolus Cyanescens in this post.

The Blue Meanie Origin Story

First, when comparing the two mushrooms, we need to understand the difference in how they are categorized. 

Panaeolus and Psilocybe are the respective genus to which they belong, and Cyanescens and Cubensis are the species. 

There is little information on the P. Cubensis strain of the Blue Meanies mushroom, other than its speculated origin in Australia, and a bit of fame. The name “Blue Meanie” was popularized by the 1970s Beatles movie Yellow Submarine. The Blue Meanies were the villains in the film – and since then the name has been used to label a number of blue-bruising mushrooms, including Pan Cyans. Both have received their “Blue Meanie” title due to their thin skin, revealing bright blue bruising when handled or damaged.

Panaeolus Cyanescens, also known as Copelandia Cyanescens or Pan Cyans, are in fact quite different and subject to more speculation. What’s interesting is not all Panaeolus mushrooms have psychedelic properties. Of the estimated 162 to 172 varieties of Panaeolus, only 15 are known to possess psilocybin and/or psilocin

A theory is that Blue Meanie Panaeolus Cyanescens may have acquired psilocybin/psilocin (the psychoactive chemical compounds responsible for psychedelic effects) through bacteria-containing genes from a strain of psilocybe mushrooms in the wild.

Physical Characteristics of Blue Meanies

So, what exactly is the difference between the P. cubensis and the P. cyanescens Blue Meanies? 

To start, there’s a stark difference in physical characteristics between Panaeolus Cyanescens and the Psilocybe Cubensis strains. Pan Cyan’s fruit will appear light gray to an off white, with a bell-shaped cap atop a slender, long stem. Psilocybe cubensis var. Blue Meanie can share many physical attributes of other “cubes,” as well as being a more prolific fruiter than Pan Cyans. When found growing in the wild, the smallish bell-shaped caps will pin in a light-brown or tan color and become lighter as they mature. The stipe, or the stem, will be much thicker than its panaeolus counterpart, much like what is present in other strains of Cubensis mushrooms. 

Both mushroom strains contain the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin, putting them in the category of “magic mushrooms.” While civilizations across the world have used magic mushrooms for rituals and medicinal purposes, the presence of these psychoactive compounds is believed to be a self-defense system for the mushroom against animals and potentially disease.

The gills of the Pan Cyan will blacken with maturity and produce near black, lemon-shaped spores on 4-spored basidia. The gills of the P. cubensis can be light to dark brown, providing dense prints of deep purple to black sub-ellipsoid spores on 4-spored basidia.

PLEASE NOTE: while purchasing magic mushroom spores is legal in the United States, it is important to remember that magic mushroom cultivation is outlawed in many countries, including most U.S. states. Please review your local laws to make sure you’re following regulations correctly.

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