PNW Spore always adding more:

PNW Spore, Co. is always looking to add more cultivars in our p. cubensis menu, as well as our gourmet and medicinal menu. As we add more and exciting items to the store, you will see them listed and described here. We would also love to hear from our community which p. cubensis and/or gourmet and medicinal varieties would be great additions to our offerings. 

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We are very excited to offer Tsunami to our community as a new release! Created by Doma and MagicMyco, Tsunami is a fantastic blend of Tidal Wave and Aztec God. Tidal Wave of course, is also the creation of DomA utilizing Albino Penis Envy and B+. Aztec God is commonly found in Central America and Southern Mexico, and presents chestnut brown caps that are convex to bell shape atop slender cylindrical white stems.

The blend of Tsunami offers unusually heavy bell shaped caps supported by pure white stems. This strain leaves incredibly dense prints and is amazing to view under your microscope!