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At PNW Spore we are always looking to add new, rare, and hard to find magic mushroom spores for microscopy and taxonomy research. We like to keep it fresh, and will continually add our new releases. You can check out our menu of 60+ Psilocybe cubensis multi-spore syringes, and gourmet and medicinal liquid culture syringes here.


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Leucistic Penis Envy Uncut

Leucistic Penis Envy Uncut

Leucistic Penis Envy Uncut (LPEU) is a rare mutation of Penis Envy Uncut. It is quite stable in terms of the leucism, but does contain some variability, and was popularized in 2020. Another sought after cultiver, Albino Penis Envy Uncut, had originated from LPEU spores as well. The title “uncut” refers to the membranous annulus (the ring present around the stem after the veil ruptures) that the original Penis Envy cubensis lacks. It is a fascinating variant of the ever popular Penis Envy to add to your spore library.

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