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First discovered and collected in the Transkei region of South Africa, it is said that this miracle of nature was found growing in dung beneath trees near the coast of the Indian Ocean. African Transkei mushrooms have small to medium-sized caps ranging in color from light orange to brown with slightly gnarled stems.

Origin: South Africa

Habitat: Bovine, Equine Dung, Enriched Soils

Recommended for: African Transkei spores are suitable for intermediate to advanced spore researchers.

Item contents: Generously filled 10cc syringe and a 1.5” 20-gauge sterile dispensing needle.

**Description and images provided for informational and educational purposes ONLY

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Shawn Hockenberry

Look great under the microscope

Thanks for the awesome review, Shawn!

Brandon White
Faster than you think.

This company's employees have integrity an diligence. They personally helped me succeed an not get discouraged. This is the only people I spend money with anymore an they deserve it

I'm so glad we had the opportunity to assist you, Brandon! Thank you for the fantastic review and let us know if you need anything else.

Charles Bahrenburg

Good spores!

Thanks for the 5 star review, Charles!

Jeremy Quinn

Very satisfied! Couldn't be happier! Will return!

Thanks for taking the time to leave us an awesome review, Jeremy! We can't wait to take care of you again in the future.

Kelly Crumpley
Excellent Specimen

Very impressed with this strain, thank you

A Tran is a fun cultivar for sure! Thank you for the great review, Kelly!

Daniel Zahl
Everything was as promised!


Thank you for the excellent review, Daniel!

Jason Brown
African Transkei

To be short astonishing.African Transkei is the first specimen I have been able to observe. Yes it is a excellent sample. The African Transkei cell structure is different than anything I've seen underneath the microscope. I do see some specs of purple in it.. they're translucent somewhat uniform some of them look like they have antennas growing from them.. but all in all is honestly astounding. I can't wait to purchase more from this company

Thank you so much for sharing this pic and experience with us, Jason! Love what you have discovered here and share your same enthusiasm. Look forward to providing you with what you need next!

Dominick Dol
The best

Beat results

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Return customer.

Love these guys! Excellent in every respect!