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This variety was created by the well-known mycologist “RogerRabbit” by breeding the original “Penis Envy” with a “Texas” Cubensis.

The goal was to create a variety that retained characteristics of Penis Envy, but whose caps opened and dropped spores. “RogerRabbit” was still in the process of perfecting this variety when it was accidentally released. A print labeled “PE6” was unintentionally included with a group of other prints that were sent to a fellow mycologist.

Though released before being finished in “RogerRabbit’s” eyes, PE6 is a great variety for research purposes and is known to produce very large caps ranging from dark to light brown. Its stems are thick and dense; much like the original Penis Envy.

Penis Envy #6 is suitable for the intermediate spore researcher.

Item contents: Generously filled 10cc syringe and a 1.5” 20 gauge sterile dispensing needle.

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Joshua Shadix
They were amazing

They were amazing

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Jessica f.
Pe 6 Great!

Shipped fast love this company!

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Colan Hanner

Good samples for microscopy. Well pleased with this company.

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keith Sulley

speedy and we'll packaged to prevent damage

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Excellent! will be puchasing again

Excellent spores for research

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