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In recent years, psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound in over 200 magic mushroom types, has drawn recent interest thanks to its effects on the brain.
Learn the difference in magic mushroom species here.
Penis Envy magic mushrooms are some of the
The movement towards magic mushroom legalization is sparked
Since P. Cubensis spores don't contain psilocybin, in
Lion's Mane has gained enormous popularity as a
P. Cubensis multi-spore syringes are important tools in
With countless magic mushroom varieties available and new
Did you know there are 14,000+ species of
Magic mushrooms can be found in most regions
Gourmet mushrooms are now used in a wide
While foraging for mushrooms can be a laborious,
Gourmet mushrooms are steadily making their way into
Mushrooms have been a valuable source of health
Mycology impacts your life in ways you can’t
Magic mushrooms are slowly shedding off the party-drug
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