Our Spore Syringe Quality Guarantee

Wondering why PNW Spore is the best in mushroom spore syringe quality? You’re in the right place. Here’s what our 100% quality guarantee means:

1) Our Spores Are True Laboratory Grade.

Best sterilization practices go beyond masks and gloves. We utilize HEPA air filtration to maintain a positively pressurized, “clean room” environment. All spore syringe production takes place in our clean room and in front of laminar flow hoods using laboratory-grade borosilicate glassware, surgical steel tools, and medical-grade syringes.

Our equipment, tools, and work surfaces are kept clean using both UVC and autoclave sterilization.

2) We Consistently Deliver Premium Quality.

Creating a clean and properly homogenized solution is an important step when producing the highest quality spore syringes. To achieve this, we use laboratory-grade glassware, magnetic stir bars and plates, and a proper ratio of P. Cubensis spores to sterile water.

Each spore syringe is guaranteed to contain MILLIONS of spores. Keep in mind that many websites selling spore syringes use visible spores as a marketing ploy. Sure, it’s exciting to see a lot of spores, but not all varieties show up in this manner. Some, in fact, are completely clear and you may worry that your spore syringe doesn’t contain spores. Please scroll down to learn more about the varied appearances of spore syringes.

We GUARANTEE all of our spore syringes are contamination free and packed with spores.

Our team is constantly in search of rare and exciting varieties to offer our customers. Please join our mailing list to be notified of “New Release” spore syringe offerings.


Q: “How Do I Know That My Order Contains Spores?"

A: Examine.

Carefully open the individually sealed bag that contains your spore syringe and remove the syringe. Visually inspect each syringe by gently shaking and holding it against a white background (white copy paper works great for this). Your spore syringe(s) may look like any of the three examples listed below.

Cultivar type and print characteristics influence the appearance of spores in a syringe. We take great care to balance the ratio of print(s) to sterilized H2O in each batch we create. This ensures our syringes are packed with spores while mitigating the potential for contamination. If your spore syringe does not look like one of the three examples, or you have questions about the appearance of spores in your syringe, please use the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this page.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we are happy to assist should you have any concerns regarding the appearance of your spore syringe(s).

Completely Clear

If you receive a spore syringe that contains completely clear liquid with no visible spores, don’t be alarmed. Remember, Cubensis spores are microscopic. Your syringe is still loaded with spores, and you will be able to view them easily using your microscope. Remember to gently shake your syringe to evenly distribute spores before viewing.

Small Specks

You may receive a spore syringe that presents small, dark specks floating in clear liquid, visible to the naked eye. These are clusters of spores and the specks may be black, brown, purple, or rust-colored, depending on the Cubensis variety that produced them. Remember to gently shake your syringe to evenly distribute the spores before viewing.

Large Clusters

Some spore syringes present with large, dense clusters floating in clear liquid. These larger clusters of spores may be black, brown, purple, or rust-colored depending on the Cubensis variety that produced them. Remember to gently shake your syringe to evenly distribute the spores before viewing.