Is It Legal to Buy Mushroom Spores Online?

Yes, you can buy magic mushroom spores online. Legally? It depends. Learn more in PNW Spore Co.’s overview of spore legality.

Five decades ago, the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 banned psilocybin and psilocin in the USA. This legislation defined the two compounds found in magic mushrooms as Schedule 1 controlled substances – the same class as dangerous narcotics, such as heroin. 

Psilocybin has remained illegal federally since the act came into effect, but as more research is done on the medical benefits of magic mushrooms and their active ingredients, these laws could change soon. Some jurisdictions have already decriminalized or legalized psilocybin for medical use.

Federal law is clear on psilocybin and mushrooms, but what does it say about spores? Is it legal to buy mushroom spores online? And where can you buy magic mushroom spores online in the USA? 

Yes, you can buy mushroom spores online. Legally? That depends. Before we get into that, let’s first look at what mushroom spores are.

What Are Magic Mushroom Spores?

Mushroom spores are microscopic cells responsible for the reproduction of mushrooms. They are tiny one-celled reproductive units that have the capability to grow into psychedelic mushrooms under the right conditions.

Mushroom spores are usually compared to a plant’s seed as they contain genetic material and allow growth. The spores are unique to each mushroom variety, so psilocybin spores will produce magic mushrooms while other spores may produce other edible or poisonous varieties.

When these spores settle on a suitable surface, they germinate into hyphae, which join together to form a network of mycelium that, under the right environmental conditions, produce mushrooms. 

Magic mushroom spores, also called psilocybin spores, can refer to the spores of any psilocybin producing fungus such as P. cubensis, P. cyanescens, etc. Now that you know what spores are, is it legal to buy magic mushroom spores online? 

Are Magic Mushroom Spores Legal?

Are mushroom spores legal? Can you buy mushroom spores online legally? Here’s how you can buy mushroom spores legally in some states. 

Mushroom spores don’t contain psilocybin – which is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. Psilocybin doesn’t become present in the fungus until the spores germinate and produce mycelium. 

As stated before, psilocybin is still a schedule 1 substance, making it illegal federally. Since magic mushroom spores don’t contain the chemical, there is a good chance that you can get your hands on mushroom spores online legally. 

Most states allow buying spores for research, educational, and collecting purposes. However, germinating the mushroom spores is still illegal as they produce psilocybin. This means you can still buy mushroom spores online in most of the United States for the purposes of studying them. 

However, some states, including Georgia and Idaho, have laws explicitly banning the sale and possession of mushroom spores. Laws in the other 47 states are more relaxed, hence the legal loopholes. 

When Is Buying Mushroom Spores Online Illegal? Difference Between Buying Spores And Mushrooms

While buying magic mushroom spores online may be legal in your state, germinating them is prohibited in most jurisdictions. This is because fruiting mushrooms and mycelium contain psilocybin, a federally banned substance.

Possessing mushroom spores may also be legal, but as soon as they germinate into mycelium, law enforcement may legally charge you with manufacturing or possession of a controlled substance, especially in Georgia or Idaho, where possession and sale of spores are outright banned.

The same goes for buying and possession of fresh and dried psilocybin mushrooms.

Oregon, in 2020 became the first US state to decriminalize psilocybin and legalize it for therapeutic use after the Oregon Measure 109 was approved on the ballot. However, sales of psilocybin without being licensed may still attract fines or imprisonment.

Other locations where magic mushrooms are decriminalized include Denver, Colorado; Ann Arbor and Detroit in Michigan; Oakland and Santa Cruz, California; Easthampton, Somerville, Northampton, and Cambridge in Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington; and Washington DC.

However, decriminalization is not the same as legalization. Decriminalization only refers to something ceasing to be considered a crime or minimizing penalties. It’s therefore important to research your local laws before buying magic mushroom spores online, cultivating them, or buying fresh or dried magic mushrooms. 

Best Place To Buy Mushroom Spores Online

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