Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores in the U.S.

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Since P. Cubensis spores don’t contain psilocybin, in most (but not all) states you can legally buy them for research and microscopy purposes.

A magic mushroom produces billions of reproductive cells known as spores daily.

These magic mushroom spores can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Cultivating mushrooms. Instead of seeds, mushrooms grow from spores, which develop beneath the cap of a mushroom. The spores can germinate and develop into new magic mushrooms when they’re blown by the wind, for example, and land in moist soil.
  • Microscopy. Individual mushroom spores are so small that they’re invisible to the naked eye. As a result, mushroom enthusiasts are increasingly interested in studying spores under a microscope to learn more about their structure and function.
  • Research. Magic mushrooms have been found to have many health benefits, including the potential to treat behavioral and psychiatric disorders like depression, alcoholism, PTSD, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Magic mushroom spores are, therefore, frequently used in studies looking at the therapeutic and medical benefits of mushrooms.

Because magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, also referred to as psilocin, a Schedule I controlled substance that causes altered thinking and hallucinations, it’s illegal to grow and use magic mushrooms in most U.S. states.

However, since magic mushroom spores don’t contain psilocybin, you can lawfully buy them for research and microscopy purposes.

3 Best Places to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores

    Online Spore Shops: The Most Popular Way of Obtaining Magic Mushroom Spores

You can easily get magic mushroom spores from the comfort of your home or office thanks to the hundreds of internet businesses that sell them in two main forms: prints and syringes.

To ensure the magic mushroom spores you purchase for microscopy and research are uncontaminated, you should get them from a reliable source to save time and money.

Contamination can greatly affect the success of your research, giving inaccurate data on traits, behavior, possible uses, etc., of the mushroom species under study, as many contaminants compete with mushroom spores for nutrients and resources and will even consume them.

Consider the following factors when picking a magic mushroom spores seller:

  • Reputation. Check online reviews to find out what previous clients thought of the company’s spores and services. Rave reviews almost always guarantee that a magic mushroom supplier will deliver top-quality spores free from contamination.
  • Selection. We recommend you go for a vendor who has a large assortment of magic mushroom strains, including well-known varieties like B+, Penis Envy, and Mazatapec.
  • Pricing. Extremely cheap prices should raise suspicions that an online seller is offering subpar mushroom spores. To make sure the merchant you’re thinking about buying from has priced competitively and to find the greatest bargain, compare costs from different magic mushroom spore sellers.
  • Shipping. The retailer must provide prompt shipment and excellent customer service to address any queries you may have before and after you buy magic mushroom spores from them.

At PNW Spore, we sell 60+ strains of magic mushroom spores and gourmet & medicinal liquid culture, which can be shipped to you within 2 business days and have a solid reputation, with 1k+ 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

Here’s a sampling of recent reviews:

  • Very pleased with the product. Will order again-Lisa.
  • The syringe was shipped out and received very quickly. Quality product! Will order more varieties in the future. Lightning-fast response to a question I had as well. Thank you!-Kevin
  • Great company. Had two orders and was happy about both the timing for when I received them and the price-Curtis.
  • Greats products shipped fast-Megan
  • Hands down the best company in this industry to work with. I did have a slight shipping issue, less than 24 hours after bringing it to their attention, they verbally reached out to me, went over the issue, and ensured this was beyond resolved. NOTE THIS WAS A SHIPPING ISSUE, NOT A PRODUCT ISSUE. I have used PNW a few times before and will never stray off to anyone else. Bravo guys, I am beyond impressed with your products and customer service-SJL

    Mycology Conventions and Events

Many such gatherings take place across the United States every year. 

A good example is the annual Telluride Mushroom Festival in Colorado, which attracts 800+ people from all over the world—among them the world’s top mycologist—to talk about psychedelic research, the decriminalization of magic mushrooms, home mushroom cultivation, and other topics.

In addition to giving you the chance to purchase the best magic mushroom spores from some of the participating vendors, mycology events offer you an opportunity to network with other mycologists, discover mycology best practices, and sample different strains of magic mushroom spores.

Joining popular mushroom groups on social media sites, including Facebook, Reddit, and X, can keep you informed about upcoming mycology conventions and events you can plan to attend.

    Magic Mushroom Stores

Due to the legal issues surrounding magic mushrooms, not all U.S. states have brick-and-mortar stores that cater to the needs of hobbyists interested in magic mushroom mycology.

If there is a trustworthy magic mushroom shop in your area, you may locate it with a quick Google search or by asking for recommendations in your local mycology forum.

These stores frequently have a decent assortment of magic mushroom spores, and interacting with their knowledgeable staff can also provide you with valuable insights on mycology techniques and best practices.

Lastly, some mushroom communities have a spores exchange program, where experienced mycologists, for example, sell or share their spores with others. These communities can help you get your hands on rare magic mushroom strains you can’t find anywhere else, and they might be less expensive than magic mushroom spores vendors, saving you money.

Order Your High-Quality Magic Mushroom Spores From a Trusted Source Today!

Whether you're looking to learn more about these fascinating fungi or are working on a research project, PNW Spore has the magic mushroom spores you need.

Tidal Wave spores, Penis Envy, and Golden Teacher spores are just a few of the many magic mushroom strains we have available; each is meticulously grown and examined to guarantee purity. PNW Spore also has premium medicinal and gourmet mushroom spore cultures in stock for home cultivation.

Following your order, your spores will be delivered within two business days, and you'll receive a tracking number so you can monitor the progress of your shipment. Free standard delivery is offered on all orders above $100!


Please Note: PNW Spore magic mushroom spores are solely intended for use in research and microscopy. Kindly refrain from growing mushrooms with them, as the resulting fungi will contain psilocybin, a banned substance listed as a Schedule I narcotic under the Controlled Substances Act.

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