What Should a Spore Syringe Look Like?

P. Cubensis multi-spore syringes are important tools in microscopy and taxonomy research. But, what should a multi-spore syringe look like? How can you tell if the spores are viable, or in other words, in good condition?

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When shopping for spores, you’ll come across a variety of syringes that can look quite different from one another to the naked eye. 

Why are there differences, and what should you expect to see from a high quality multi-spore syringe? Let’s look at what a multi-spore syringe is first. 

A high quality multi-spore syringe will contain two things: sterilized H2O and mushroom spores. Nothing more, and nothing less. The spores will be suspended and hydrated in the homogenized and sterile H2O within a medical grade syringe. 

Why Does One P. Cubensis Syringe Look Different From the Next? 

There are roughly 200 species of psychedelic mushrooms (magic mushrooms) discovered globally.

Each of these varieties is identified by its physical characteristics, as well as the spore print they create.

A healthy and mature mushroom can drop millions of microscopic spores. When a mushroom cap is placed on foil or glass, it will drop a pattern of spores, almost like a fingerprint. Not every mushroom cultivar will drop a print, this is dependent on the variety.

These prints are what’s used to create multi-spore syringes. 

Following best practices, multi-spore syringes will be created in a sterile laboratory, in front of a laminar flow hood, utilizing proper sterilization methods to greatly reduce the risk of contamination.

Contamination can include any other fungal competitor, such as molds, bacteria, and other spores. It can also include unwanted debris: fibers, hairs, dust, organic material from the mushroom cap itself, and more. 

Some syringes available for sale within the marketplace have been found to include charcoal as an additive to give the appearance of more spores, which does nothing to enhance your microscopy experience.

The most successful research will come from a syringe that is as free of contaminants as possible while containing a well-balanced ratio of spores to sterile H2O.

Spore prints themselves are not 100% sterile by nature. Whether they’re collected in the wild or cultivated, they originate from the fruiting body of a mushroom cap that has been subject to a high humidity and nutrient rich environment that any other competing organisms can thrive on as well. 

This brings to question….

How Much of the Spore Print Should Be Efficiently Propagated to the Syringe?

Remember, a single mushroom can drop millions of spores. Syringes that are overpopulated with spores (dark, cloudy, and chunky) do run a much higher risk of contamination, and can also negatively affect the results of your microscopy research.

Depending on the mushroom variety and the spore print characteristics, your multi-spore syringe should present in one of the 4 following ways:

  1. Completely clear liquid with no visible spores
  2. Visible spores “peppered” throughout the solution
  3. Dark clumps of spores floating in the solution
  4. Opaque, light, or transparent clumps floating in the solution

The specific variety and its print characteristics have a huge impact on the physical appearance of the syringe when observed with the naked eye. 

Some mushroom cultivars, like Rusty Whyte, can be very dense yet powdery, and have a light rust color, which homogenizes (mixes thoroughly) in the sterile H2O. This would give the syringe a very clear appearance, lacking the presence of any specks floating in the syringe.

However, when placed on a slide and viewed under the microscope, you’ll find a multitude of spores.

Other cultivars, such as B+, Tidal Wave, and Jedi Mind F*ck, may very well present with physical specks in the syringe. But again, it can depend on how well the spores homogenize in the sterile solution. 

The most important factor to a high quality multi-spore syringe is a well balanced spore to sterile H2O ratio that mitigates the risk of contamination, yet provides hundreds of thousands of spores for your microscopy research.

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PLEASE NOTE: while purchasing magic mushroom spores is legal in the United States, it is important to remember that magic mushroom cultivation is illegal in many countries, including the United States. Please review your local laws to make sure you’re following regulations correctly.

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