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This Cubensis variety is named after the famous American philosopher, researcher, and ethnobotanist, Terence McKenna. It is rumored that after McKenna’s death in 2000, spore prints were found among his belongings with his handwriting on them. It was from these prints that the “McKennaii” variety was born, or rather, reborn.

McKennaii is known for producing medium-sized fruits with sometimes oddly shaped, dark brown caps and thick, sturdy stems.

McKennaii is suitable for the intermediate spore researcher.

Item contents: Generously filled 10cc syringe and a 1.5” 20 gauge sterile dispensing needle.

**Descriptions and images provided for informational and educational purposes ONLY

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Aaron Bradley

Straight to the point, coming to a conclusion was flawless!

Thank you for the amazing review, Aaron!

Alex t.
Great product

I've had great experienced with PNW since I've been using them. I've talked about it before but the customer support is absolutely phenomenal, bunch of great people working there. Prices are great for what you get and the quality of the product stands out.

We appreciate your kind words and taking the time to leave us a great review, Alex!

That's What's Up

Wow! Fast delivery, clean, fun to view on slide! Best spore company I ever dealt with. 0 problems in any transaction and asked my opinion about how much I like it. I don't like it, I love it. Keep it up folks and you can have my $!!!

Thank you for the fantastic review! So glad everything has gone well, and we are quite happy to be here for whatever you need next!

Malcolm Wallop

Prompt delivery, Quality syringes, no sign of contamination. Excellent for microscopy. Will be interesting to study the differences.

Thank you for the great review, Malcolm!


I enjoy seeing the different shapes and sizes of this strain they were very clear.

So interesting to view each variety and their characteristics. Thank you, Ty, for the great review!