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Moby Dick

As cool as it sounds, Moby Dick is the love child of Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. Moby Dick (named after the famous novel by Herman Melville) is known for producing rather strange-looking fruits. The caps have a distinct lack of pigment with a faint blue tint; some have said they resemble a zombie or a corpse in the water. Or perhaps a whale. The meaty stems are an ivory color and appear to be covered in white fuzz.

Origin: Cultivated variety combining Albino A+ and Golden Teacher

Habitat: Wheat straw, and horse or bovine dung

Colonization: Less dense but very large fruit

Recommended for:  Moby Dick is recommended for intermediate research levels

Item contents: Generously filled 10cc syringe and a 1.5” 20 gauge sterile dispensing needle.

**Descriptions and images provided for informational and educational purposes ONLY.

Our Moby Dick mushroom spore syringes are guaranteed to be free of contamination and contain MILLIONS of spores.

Why buy your mushroom spore syringes from PNW Spore Company?

We use HEPA air filtration to maintain a positively pressurized “clean room” environment. All spore syringe production takes place in our clean room laboratory in front of laminar flow hoods using laboratory-grade borosilicate glassware, surgical steel tools, and medical-grade syringes and tip caps. Our equipment, tools, and work surfaces are kept clean using both UVC and autoclave sterilization.

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Lisa Platt
Moby dick

Thank you for your prompt delivery. I have not been in the lab yet, so I cannot offer a review on this product. However, I appreciate your professionalism and your customer service. And thank you so much, Lisa.

Thanks for the great review, Lisa!

James Lower
Fast and quality

Fast delivery, quality product, I will purchase again and again, thank you

Thanks for the great review, James!